“Guidelines for the success in the examination”

 “Guidelines for the success in the examination”

We all have to sit for examination in our life in order to go ahead in our life. Examination is considered to be an entrance of our career. If we can successfully manage to complete our examination, we will achieve a huge success and tranquility in our life. If we can smartly and properly manage and utilize our time then the examination would be easy and enjoyable for us. Moreover by balancing and utilizing our time, lifestyle and study in an efficient manner then the difficulty during study will not be able to bother us at the time when our examination will knock our door. In this article, several guidelines and aspects would be discussed in order to manage the impediments and hurdles of the examination fruitfully and efficiently.

1. Regularity and consistency: The secret mechanism for success not only for examination but also for all aspects of our life placed on this magical and astonishing fact. For the very beginning of the academic calendar if we can give effort in our study then the study will be less annoying and more enjoyable. Furthermore, studying from the very beginning of the academic calendar would also helps us to gather more knowledge in a bright approach.

2. Following the class and maintaining attendance: Another most essential aspect for the success of the examination is to following and maintaining attendance of the class. By following the respected faculties or the teachers would eventually trigger the activities of an individual in the field of their study schedule .Furthermore this point should be considered to be an essential subject matter since the respected faculty members and teachers are the professionals and experts of the subjects and the papers that we are studying in. Furthermore, Perfect attendance would be an imperative element for the success in the examination; on the other hand being absent in the class might be highly detrimental.

3. Books: Reading and analyzing the main Books designed in the academic syllabus for the examination is described as an essential element for the success of the examination. By reading, analyzing and understanding deeply the content and information of the fundamental books will build the analytical mind of the students and as a result of this, the students and the learners will able to be more confident in any examination.

4. Writing more and more: Writing the memorized stuff may consider being another most important key element for the success of the examination. However, tendency of less writing will lead the candidates to an indescribable risk for the reason that, when a student memorize some stuff and do not practice it by writing, he/she may not be able to write it in the examination in an affluent manner even though he/she has memorized it and feels that I have fully memorized it abundantly.

5. Revise revise and revise: Revision is considered to be a miraculous key to remember the study materials. It has been mentioned in a research that when a student read something and repeat it after certain days or weeks ,then that read substance strengthen the brain power and he/she will never forget that materials. So it is highly recommended that, “revision should be a persistent development.”

6. Practicing Past Question Papers frequently: Along with the study and revision, practicing past question papers in a frequent manner would make an individual candidate more competent and practical. By practicing past question papers, the candidates would be able to understand the format and tricks of the Question papers.

7. Reading by understanding it: The fundamental aspect to read anything in favor of the students is to learn it for the implementation in his/her future days. It is suggested that students should set out his/her student life by reading the studying materials by understanding deeply which would definitely help him/her to gather knowledge in an enormous quantity.

8. Knowledge of current affairs: Competent students always keep in touch with the contemporary world affairs. This practice help the students to make him/her more knowledgeable and well turned-out; on the other hand this additional information will also make his/her examination paper more informative and more enlightening.

9. Summarized individual hand note (made by own): Finally it is well established theory that after reading, writing and revising the whole academic syllabus, an individual summarized hand note (***made by own***) will boost the memorized stuff before entering the examination hall.

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